Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Free Sharpening of Drozda Woodturning Tools!

Sharp tools are really good to have. In fact, it's almost impossible to get good cuts without a sharp edge.

You probably bought my Signature Woodturning Tools so that you would have the same tools that I use in my work. That's the reason I make my favorite tool grinds available. I want you to have all of the advantages that I have. But, as good as Henry Taylor Tools is, the factory grind is often not quite perfect. At the very least, the tools will "need honing before use" as they say.

To make it easy for you to use my tools, I am offering to sharpen them for free! All you pay is the shipping (both ways).

If you have a Cindy Drozda Signature Woodturning Tool, whether you bought it from me or from a tool supplier, just send it to me. I'll sharpen it, and send it back to you ready to use. How can you get a better deal than that??
Here's what to do:
Send the tools to me at this address, include return postage (stamps, check, credit card info):

Cindy Drozda
PO Box 19065
Boulder CO 80308

You'll know how much return postage is. It'll be the same as it cost you to send the tools to me.

Please contact me by email to let me know your tools are on the way. If you prefer to use UPS or FedEx, email me for a street address.

If you're local, bring your tools to my shop, or to a RMWT or FRW meeting.

Happy turning!