Sunday, July 15, 2012


Recently, my yoga instructor suggested practicing with an intention of Gratitude. I sure do have a lot to be grateful for in my life! Good health, beautiful home, great partner, wonderful feline companions, a rewarding job....

Woodturning is my "job". It continually offers me opportunities for growth and self-discovery. Probably Woodturning is even more therapeutic than yoga. They go together well.

Lidded Bowl made from Moose Antler, with African Blackwood,
14K Gold, 4pt Chocolate Diamond, and 24K Gold Leaf

I have been inspired by Kip Christensen's work for decades. In the 80s, when I was a cabinet/furniture maker, he wrote some articles for Fine Woodworking magazine about Woodturning. I totally fell in love with his elegant forms! My attempts to copy his work were primitive, to say the least. With lots of practice, and inspiration from many others in the field of Woodturning, I have grown and developed my signature style of artwork.

This piece offers gratitude to Kip, for his delightful antler bowls and for being a teacher of so many of us. Gratitude goes out, also, to all of the Woodturners who have inspired me over the decades. And profound gratitude to Mother Nature for the materials that inspire me to creativity. Especially to the Moose who grew this antler. Oh, yes, and not to forget: gratitude to the Canadian Woodturner who gave me the piece of antler. If it weren't for the sharing community of Woodturners worldwide, we would all still be in the Dark Ages. Thank you all. Special thanks to Shareshten and Melissa for bringing spirituality and gratitude into my awareness through yoga practice.

What and who inspire you? Leave a comment and let me know!