Friday, August 21, 2009

Art is what it’s all about!

Art shows are gold mines of inspiration! The atmosphere is charged with energy, from the artists and the art collectors. At the Loveland (Colorado) Sculpture Invitational (Aug 7 – 9, 2009), I was exhibiting, and expecting to sell, my own artwork. Attending a show like that is a tremendous opportunity to meet other artists and to connect with their energy and passion.

One of the artists that I met made a profound impression on me. Lillian Pitt is a well respected Native American artist from Portland Oregon. I enjoyed visiting her booth and experiencing her work. In her brochure was this quote:

“My ancestors were traders and innovators. They traded goods and exchanged ideas with people from many Native traditions. I honor my ancestors by carrying on this tradition of exchanging goods and ideas through my art.” – Lillian Pitt

I read that and thought “That is really why we are all here at this show!”

Reading Lillian’s statement, I was struck by the realization of exactly what this art show is about! Through the art that the artists had all created and brought to Loveland, we were carrying on a time-honored human cultural tradition of exchanging goods and ideas.

The artists exchange ideas and passion with the art patrons, artists exchange ideas with each other, and we all exchange goods through the sales of our artwork.

This exchange is the essence of human cultural relationship. We grow as individuals, and as a community, when we exchange our ideas and passions with each other. Art is a powerful transmitter of spiritual energy.

The exchange of goods is also an essential part of our spiritual growth. When we exchange goods, the art patron goes home with a tangible piece of the artist’s passion. And the artist gets money to live on, making it possible for them to continue making art. The artist needs financial support to continue, and we all need to continue that sharing of our energy for our culture to thrive.

With this exchange of goods and ideas, the lives of artist and patron are connected, and the energy is free to flow onward. This is how our community grows.

That is why I don’t just stay at home and make art that never leaves my shop. Sharing my work with the people who connect with it and invite my energy into their lives, and share their ideas with me, is what completes the circle.

Buying a special piece of artwork, inviting an artist’s passion into my home, is just as powerful as creating artwork for others. David and I bought a piece at the Loveland show, and every time I see it, I experience the spiritual connections that we all have with each other.

That, to me, is what life is all about!

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